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New  --  Video DVD

A richly-illustrated interview with
Dr. Will Tuttle
Author of The World Peace Diet

Also includes an informative and inspiring lecture video by Dr. Tuttle on The World Peace Diet
and 2 versions of Dr. Tuttle's "Our Fellow Passengers" music video


This DVD includes four programs:

1. The World Peace Diet Interview - 49:45
2. The World Peace Diet Lecture - 48:30
3. Our Fellow Passengers - 6:20
4. Our Fellow Passengers & Victims - 6:20

The first and main film is an illustrated interview with Dr. Will Tuttle and also includes a short interview with Madeleine as well, conducted by Scott Davis. Recorded, edited and produced in Honolulu by Animal Advocate, Inc. The second film is of Dr. Tuttle delivering an inspiring keynote lecture on some of the main ideas in his book, The World Peace Diet. Delivered at The Power of Natural Healing Conference in Wellesley, MA.

The last two films are created by Dr. Tuttle to help us deepen our felt connection with the beauty and poignancy of the nonhuman animals with whom we share our Earth, and blend his original piano music with photos of animals. They are audio-visual meditations on the splendor of Earth's celebration of life. The final one, Our Fellow Passengers and Victims, includes a short one-minute glimpse into some of the cruelty we routinely inflict on animals for food and other purposes, and is deliberately only moderately graphic in its depictions.

DVD - $20
+ $4 shipping and handling

December 7-14, 2012, only - first 100 people can receive this DVD free of charge, including complimentary shipping



Information on quantity discounts, or please contact us:
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