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World Peace Meditations CDThis Eight-fold Meditation created by Dr. Will Tuttle is for world peace for all of us, for inner peace, inspiration and relaxation. These spoken meditations by Dr. Tuttle guide us gently into higher states of awareness and healing. Designed for both wakeful activities such as driving as well as for quiet relaxation. Serene background music composed and performed by Dr. Tuttle on acoustic piano, accompanied by Madeleine on silver flute.
The Eightfold Way:
* Developing Intuition
* Harmonious Relationships
* World Peace
* Animal Relations
* Earth Healing
* Radiant Health
* Abundance
* Joy & Gratitude

Bonus: 22 minutes of inspiring quotes from Dr. Tuttle's The World Peace Diet - perfect for meditation and yoga practice.

World Peace Meditations CD by Dr. Will Tuttle

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